Tough act to follow

October 6, 2016

I have to admit, I gave up on them this fall. Mostly it was to protect my emotions. But the Giants won the Wild Card! They’re in the Playoffs! It’s an Even Year! On to Wrigley Field!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back for Season 4. I bought the season pass on Amazon Video, but I’m a little underwhelmed by the first two episodes. Grant Ward is a tough act to follow. And I miss Bobbi and Hunter.

I’m rereading my Simon Reynolds books. He writes about music and pop culture history and I love his stuff.

Most of my spare time for the last month I’ve spent on Spotify, making and listening to shuffle-based playlists crossing vast genre/scene/era swaths, exploring as much as I can. I’m also listening to new albums, always looking for something interesting and exciting. There’s a LOT out there and I have tons of fun sifting through it. Music is the best.

I approve

September 18, 2016

RAIN! I approve of this precipitation. It smells very nice out there.

The Giants managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last night. Another blown save for Santiago Casilla, dang it. I haven’t given up hope yet, but….

My main hobby lately has been making playlists in Spotify. It’s similar to my old passion for making mix tapes on cassette. And it’s also similar to DJing on the radio: trying to make an interesting “flow” with the parade of tracks I choose.

Here’s a 2-hour mix I made this weekend. Certain tracks are definitely NSFW as they say.

If you’re on the Spotify desktop app, copy and paste this link into the search bar and press enter:


September 16, 2016

Well, I hear the Oct. 1 LaunchPad gig is off. I don’t know the details, BUT yesterday we were offered a show at The Wandering Goat with Trouble Cuts on Saturday, November 19, and we are very excited about that! We hope to see lots of friends there. I will post again closer to the event.

The San Francisco Giants, my baseball team, have had a strange year. They had the best record at the All Star break, but the worst record since then. They are barely hanging on for a chance at the playoffs. With 15 games remaining in the schedule, they definitely still have a shot, but they need to get it together, turn it up a couple notches!

There is something rotten in the heart of Eugene’s daily newspaper, The Register-Guard. With two very questionable firings of popular reporters (Serena Markstrom Nugent and Randi Bjornstad), they are showing a shocking lack of judgement and lack of care for their own community. Deplorable.

Summer is fine but fall is better

September 15, 2016

I wore my contacts yesterday for the first time in nearly a month. Chalazion is gone, eyelid back to normal! Yay!

It looks like LaunchPad is booked for a gig on October 1, a Womenspace benefit out on Bertelson near 11th. I only have sketchy details, but will post more definitively when I get more info.

I’m enjoying the encroaching fall weather. Summer is fine but fall is better. Come on rain!

This election year is horribly depressing.

I have a little cat on my lap and a big cat next to me here on the couch, by the gas fireplace which is on and emanating warmth. Do I really have to go to work? Yes, darn it.

None of us is completely blocked

September 14, 2016

Meditation inspired by partial hearing loss (self-diagnosed eustachian tube disorder on the right side, in my case)… Being “impaired” is relative. Aren’t we all impaired somehow? I mean we all only perceive and are able to act in a limited way. Each of us is unique in our own limitations, or impairments. Nobody can see or hear the full range of light or sound frequencies. Or looked at another way, we all have a variable and different range of powers. None of us is completely blocked from sensing ANY sensation. We all have a certain range of perception and potential action. We can focus on the loss and disability or we can focus on what we have and can do. Whenever my hearing gets worse, I think “please give me back the less limited hearing range I had, even though it was very imperfect.” Simple attentuation is better than distortion, for instance. I think I’ve been spending too much time and energy worrying and obsessing about my hearing and neglecting the powers I DO have. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter this morning.

I still get a rush

September 9, 2016

My eustachian tubes have been frequently plugging up for several months. Loss of much bass, especially on the right side. Intermittent frequency and resonance problems on both sides. Makes me grumpy! Ongoing attempts to deal, including consulting medical professionals and Dr. Google, neti potting, aggressive yawning, breathing steam, cutting back coffee and cannabis, etc. etc.

Had a chalazion grow in my right eyelid, developing from a slight irritation to a 1 cm bump in 10 days. Got it removed Wednesday. They numb the eye area, flip the top eyelid over with a clamp, make an incision and remove the “material”–in this case gooey pussy stuff. Takes about 20 minutes to stop bleeding afterward. My eyelid was quite puffy until yesterday. But much better this morning.

Spending a lot of time reading about and listening to music, especially from the “post punk” era but really all kinds of music. I made a super mega folder of folder of folders of tons of albums and 3rd party playlists in my Spotify account consisting of an extreme variety of music styles in order to create extreme random playlists. Imagine rock, pop, rap, opera, salsa, country, metal, ambient, classical, jazz and an arbitrary number more of other genres and styles all shuffled and chopped into playlists. Many sublime transitions, as well as jarring, and often both. I’m Mr. Random!

I’ve had to cut my FBing time radically. I am even tempted to de-activate my account. Reading my newsfeed makes me feel angry, frustrated, sad, helpless and stressed out, occasionally relieved by a funny cat GIF. Even positive or “inspiring” posts often just serve to irritate me, because often my first reaction is that they’re trite or delusional, even though I know people genuinely are expressing goodhearted feelings. I do grant that there are informational posts from friends that I’m glad to read. But I think I would get the really important stuff regardless of FB. I’ve slowed my posting through growing reluctance to participate, although I occasionally feel the urge to perform, be a little entertaining, or display hipness (if that’s actually possible). And btw I made my Twitter account “protected” or private. My last tweet was weeks ago.

But obviously my blogs and their survival are evidence that I am not a complete anti-internet hermit. I still get a rush from publishing and DJ-ing and posting art and poetry and prose and photos on my blogs. Creative outlets! It’s FB & Twitter’s firehose of output and viral interaction of hundreds of people that has gotten me down. Blogs present a higher threshold and require a greater attention/intention, whether reading or writing them. FB is too easy. Evidently I’m some kind of internet elitist. But nowhere near as elitist as some! It’s all relative, right?

Hey, I’ve been off booze for 14 months. Feels great. And as a bonus, I’ve lost weight and improved my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers, and saved quite a bit of money! I know I’ve said this before but I feel very fortunate that it really just “happened” to me and that it hasn’t been a struggle. I lost the taste for alcohol, and that feels like a cosmic gift not to be taken lightly.

Virtual mix cd for you (79:40)

August 28, 2016


Blue Orchids – A Year With No Head
Suicide – Keep Your Dreams
Tubeway Army – It Must Have Been Years
Swell Maps – Full Moon In My Pocket
Josef K – Crazy To Exist
Japan – Television
Black Grape – Words
Demander – O Eleanor
American Pinup – Somewhere In Between
Letters To Cleo – You Dirty Rat
The Eames Era – Listen For The Sun
The Meow Twins – Paint
The Autocollants – Four And A Half
Nu Sensae – First Born
Candy Hearts – Brooklyn Bridge
Bad Religion – In The Night
Social Distortion – So Far Away
The Distillers – World Comes Tumblin’ Down
The Gits – Sign Of The Crab
Svetlanas – Double Agent
The Kirby Grips – Put Another Record On
Mecca Normal – I Walk Alone
La Luz – Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine
Kidneythieves – Crazy
The Corin Tucker Band – Dragon