It’s a Hair Salon, no it’s a…

June 24, 2015





New Camera

June 23, 2015

I got a new camera for my birthday, back in early May. It’s a Canon PowerShot S120, the best digital camera I’ve ever owned. High-end compact point-and-shoot with a range of control options from full manual to full auto, and settings in between. I’ve shot a few photos since then … like over 8000. It’s a bit obsessive. Just reading Susan Sontag’s On Photography this weekend, and she writes (among many other observations) that photography seems to attract compulsion, addiction, and an attitude of being above the fray, outside reality. The “photographic look” is an alienating, colonizing look. The world becomes an infinite set of photographs to be “taken.” Photography equalizes everything. Nothing is more important than anything else. Photography is perfect for modern society, where images are primary. I’m taking all of that under advisement.


A couple days ago I re-purposed an old blog that’s lain dormant for 7 years and made it into Mr. Random’s Photo Blog.

I’m off alcohol (again). I got to the point where it felt like poison in my body. I was feeling icky and bloated much of the time. Now: no desire to imbibe. What is great is that Mrs. Random has been making “drinking vinegars” which, added (1 tsp or so) to ice and sparkling water, make wonderful drinks in the PM.

This morning, within the hour, I’m planning to walk to work. Likely with my camera out and ready to take pieces of reality and store them away. Whatever the “negatives” of photography, I do really enjoy the process of taking pictures and looking at them later, years later especially. It can be melancholy business, looking back at earlier images of our life, but it’s also intensely interesting and helps remind me of little things I’d totally forgotten.


June 18, 2015



June 17, 2015


Seavey Loop Sprinklers

June 17, 2015


Yachats 1

June 16, 2015


Hammock Eyes

June 15, 2015