April 5, 2015


Alan Lomax’s Massive Archive Goes Online : The Record : NPR

March 25, 2015

Alan Lomax’s Massive Archive Goes Online : The Record : NPR.

“For the first time, everything that we’ve digitized of Alan’s field recording trips are online, on our website,” says Fleming. “It’s every take, all the way through. False takes, interviews, music.”


March 24, 2015

I’ve burned nearly 100 DVDRs in the last three days. My goal: back up all LaunchPad Swarms and Gigs (multitrack and stereo audio files) back through 2011. They are all redundantly stored on at least 2 different hard drives, but experience tells me that all hard drives eventually fail. Good to have valuable material also saved to optical media and stored offsite! That’s the goal with this project. Burning discs is kinda like baking cookies, except without the enticing aroma. Every 8-10 minutes, pop another tray in the oven! Another thought: spindle of 100 blank DVDRs becoming a spindle of 100 DVDRs full of LaunchPad—think of the value added!

There’s a new camcorder in my life. Canon Vixia HF R500. Boy, it generates big files! But nice output, in general. New resolution and aspect ratio for me, HDTV! Actually the camera will go up to 35 mbps (bytes or bits? not sure!), but I’m getting plenty of bang at 17 mbps, and the files are large enough. Good to know I can max out much at a much higher rate if I ever make it to the Big Screen. But up until getting this camera I’d been filming at 640×480, and even sometimes 320×240! So 1920×1080 is quite spacious and lushly detailed by comparison.

That’s it for the gadget/tech report for today.


January 31, 2015

[reposting from my FB]
Re: the teaser for the upcoming “The Brewery District” documentary … I know Whiteaker “gentrification” is a serious, contentious issue. However, the images contrasting the old Shamrock house and fence versus Grit restaurant and its outdoor seating area make me think some things are going in the right direction! With the sound turned off, “The Brewery District” film teaser actually looks like a marketing effort for gentrification. I love having awesome restaurants within walking distance, thank you. – Mr. Random, A Whiteaker Gent for 25 years

January 4, 2015

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November 30, 2014